White Label Program

You can join our Ticket Affiliate Program and be selling 5 billion dollars in Ticket Inventory today!

All White Label Ticket Affiliate programs have the same Ticket Inventory. Typically around 5 billion dollars in Ticket Inventory for every Concert, Sporting Event, or Theater event in the USA.

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You don’t pay a dime to join TicketPlatform Ticket Affiliate Program. All you have to pay for is your new Ticket Website.

The only work you have to do is drive traffic and get paid… it’s that simple!

You could be an Employee Benefits company or an Entrepreneur that has never sold event tickets before. It’s simplistic.

  1. Signup for the Ticket Affiliate Program
  2. Pick a Ticket Website Template
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You don’t have to do anything else. We process the Ticket Sales, deal with the customers in your company’s name, and then cut you a check!

Join our Ticket Affiliate Program
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