TicketPlatform Launches Private Label Ticket Affiliate Program

TicketPlatform has been in the Secondary Ticketing Market (STM) since 2005 and helped hundreds of Ticketing Professionals build their online presence.

Now TicketPlatform will be offering a one-of-a-kind Ticket Affiliate Program.

The one and only get complete life and selling Event Tickets in a single day, Ticket Affiliate Program!

There are three Ticket Affiliate Programs in the STM.

  • TicketNetwork Private Label – They change from $1000 to $1500 a year just to be an affiliate on their network. Legal documents and more to fill out, waiting, and takes time to get live. Then you have to build your own ticket website. 1-2 week process not including the time to obtain a ticket website
  • TicketEvolution Private Label – They have a great Ticket Affiliate program. But it takes time to get signed up and through the process. 1-3 week Process not including the time to obtain a ticket website . Then you still have to buy the Ticket Website
  • TicketPlatform Private Label – We can get you selling 5 billion dollars in Ticket Inventory TODAY with a completely functional ticket website!


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